About MyspaceGram
MyspaceGram is a new social networking site that is available to all users around the world. Create and customize your profile, Upload and share photos,Videos, Music, Games and much more. MyspaceGram is a free service to all users in and outside the U.S. we will never ask you for your credit card or any financial information to sign up. For questions or support Please contact

About Us

We are a social Networking website that allows users to communicate via direct message, chats, blogs, videos and many more.

We are challenging ways to better our site each and everyday against other existing social media sites, we add new upates and technology soon as it becomes available.

We want each and every user to have a fun and positive experience on the site or the app.

MyspacGram is all about friends and families staying in touch, social networking and many more.

About Advertising

To advertise your company, products, business, personal or upcoming events on or app. Please contact with the title "ADVERTISEMENT" Including your name and or Company name. If your operating a business, we need a short description about the brand or products you would like to advertise, your best contact phone number along with a valid email address where you can be reached and your MyspaceGram user name if you have an active account.

Within 48 hours a support rep from MyspaceGram will contact you in regards to your inquiry

Please note: All ads are subject to review for approval. Once your ads have been approved or rejected, spacegram support team will contact you within 1 hour regarding your ads.